Les Chausseurs

Made in Almansa

In 2015 Les Chausseurs and Paco Valiente were associated. The factory company was created in 1978. It started as a small family business.

During the first decade, we mainly made classical male shoes. After this period, we adapted the traditional techniques to ladies shoes combining them with fashion and comfort. Nowadays we have formed a group with over 150 employees, well trained and qualified, what allows our company to produce
over 170.000 pairs of shoes annually.


Develop and Energized your shoes line

We can make your offer more attractive or help you envision your collections, products or services.
Working together, we can strengthen your product by adding the «extra» that always signals originality and innovation. We can coordinate with your team to increase your brand’s visibility. We seek the most practical and ingenious solutions to meet your needs without losing sight of market realities.

Our Services

From the first creative inspiration to the product launch, we can enhance and expand your products, collections and services.

A personalized long-term consulting:

Benefit from our expertise with recommendations about your footwear line offers (collection orientation; seasonal trends; product, colors, materials, finishes orientations; buying guides; sample follow up; sourcing; packaging; uniforms).

We can also advise on specific production and collection campaing in the long therm.